On October 2nd New Life kicked off our 30-day "Multiply Your Talent" mission fundraiser.
This year our goal was to raise $50,000.00 for local, state and world missions.
Thus far we have collected $27,538.00 toward our goal.
We enjoyed observing everyone participate in this exciting project as God
multiplied our talents for missions.  After 30 days, we returned our talent earnings to
New Life and presented them to the Lord. Thank you to everyone for your hard work!

Check out the awesome ways our congregation members multiplied their talent!

Terri got 20 styrofoam pumpkins from the Dollar Tree and repainted them adding some bling! She resold them for $10/each!
Pedro & Simone's family sold snacks at their Jiu Jitsu classes!
Jesse brought items like a swing and lawn mower to the iron recycle company where you are paid by the weight!
Le'Nedira put her baking skills to work and sold pies to raise money!
Yasiri saved her tips at the salon and submitted those earnings as her talent!
Young Emory multiplied her talent with some soothing massage therapy!
Sade provided $10 photoshoot sessions for the whole month of October!