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Growth Track and Baptism
Pastor Donnie serves God by serving the church. You'll find him speaking at the pulpit on a Sunday or two. But he's the man to find when you feel ready to join New Life as a member. Pastor Donnie oversees our Growth Track program, Connect Groups, and Serve Teams.

Growth Track is a 2-week course introducing you to the vision and ministry of New Life. Once the course is completed, you will be recognized as members of New Life during the following Sunday service known as Membership Sundav.

Our next Growth Track begins next Sunday, October 22nd at 9:00 a.m. If you are new to New Life or haven't committed to church membership, please register online for our next Growth Track Class with Pastor Donnie. Click the button below to sign up today!
Baptism is an important step in your walk with Christ. We encourage you to pray, fast and search the scriptures as you prepare yourself for the big day.
Baptism is not only an important step of obedience in your walk with Christ, it also serves as a public testimony that you have chosen to commit your life to Jesus!

We encourage you to invite your friends, neighbors and loved ones to this celebration. Don't just invite those who are saved – but unbelievers as well.  Often the powerful testimony of what Christ has done in your life will minister to them!

Our next Baptism Sunday will take place on October 15th, click the button below to sign up today!