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Covid-19 Update

July 7, 2020

Greetings New Life Family,

Pastor and Sister Bond and the New Life Worship Center Staff will be implementing some precautions beginning Wednesday Night July 8th due to the spike of COVID-19 in our State. We are following guidelines set forth from the State Bishop of the Church of God and the Governor of Texas. These are precautions that you have already seen here at New Life during May of this year. They are as follows.

· We will be taking temperatures as you enter the building.

· We will be Social Distancing in the foyers and sanctuary.

· We are asking that you not congregate in the foyers or hallway--please go straight to your pew after entering the building. Please sit with your Family Unit.

· We will be using the main foyer entrances only, on Sundays and Wednesdays.

· We will continue to have Sunday Classes for both Adult and Children, along with our Regular Wednesday Night Service/Classes we will set up each classroom for social distancing.

· If you are sick and or have any symptoms of COVID-19, please stay home and watch the on-line service.

· You are welcome to wear masks but they are Optional.

· We ask every individual and family to respectfully follow these precautions until further notice.

We love each of you and want you to know we do not take these decisions lightly. We want every individual and family to be safe as they worship with us here at NLWC. Continue to pray with us that God will move on our Country, our Church and Heal our Land!

We look forward to seeing you soon! Have a Blessed Week.

Pastor Bond and New Life Staff

April 28
Greetings New Life Family,

We are excited to let you know that on this Sunday, May 3rd we will resume our physical services inside this church building. Our service will start at 10:30am and only the lobby doors will open at 9:30am. According to the updated information given by our Governor and the Attorney General of Texas on Tuesday, April 21st and again on Monday, April 27th the language has been changed in how we can conduct services. We are now allowed to conduct services with more than 10 people.

Effective May 3rd, we will be adhering to Phase 1 of the Governor's recommended guidelines outlined on April 27th in order to do our part in being responsible for slowing the spread of COVID-19 here at New Life Worship Center.

Phase One of opening up for Sunday Services will include the following:
1. If you or a family member is sick, please stay at home and enjoy the service on-line.
2. If you are 65 years old or above, please use wisdom in the decision to attend or watch the service on-line.
3. Anyone who has underlying health at-risk health conditions please stay home and enjoy the service on-line.
4. We are encouraging everyone attending to wash and or sanitize their hands before and during service, to restrain from shaking hands and hugging, and to continue to social distance while in the building.
5. Please enter the building at the north and south lobby entrances only. A staff member or servant leader will take your temperature before proceeding inside.
6. Everyone will be asked to sit with their family unit and will be required to use social distancing between each family unit. Our Guest Services Team will be directing you to a seat.
7. There will be hand sanitizer placed in the foyer, sanctuary and restrooms for your use; however, feel free to bring your own as well.
8. We will have offering containers located at the front and back of the sanctuary for your tithes and offerings.
9. Our services, during this time, will last approximately 1-1/2 hours.

We will dismiss each section by rows. There will be no congregating in foyers or hallways before and or after service.

Effective May 18th, Phase 2 of the Governor's Order will be activated if all goes well in Phase 1. We plan to evaluate things regularly between phases. Phase 2 of the plan will allow us to open things up a little more.
Our desire is to gather together to worship and to hear a powerful message from our Pastor. We are asking you to follow the guidelines set by New Life's Leadership for Phase 1 to help us stay safe during this season. Please be patient as we proceed cautiously in how our services are conducted. It will be left up to each individual and family to make the decision to attend in person or enjoy the service on-line.

Have a blessed day and week and we look forward to seeing you soon!

Pastor Rudy & CJ Bond,
Pastor Bruce Beam,
NLWC Staff

April 8

April 2
Help with the food bank, they're doing a campaign called love your neighbor and it's about writing letters to people in nursing homes and hospitals and children. A very good way to keep in contact and reach out to the community

March 30

If you need anything from us please contact the church at (903) 871-8700. If you need prayer email us at prayer@newlifetyler.com.

Here are some links to services being provided in the Smith County area

Mental Health and Coping during Covid-19

Mental Health and COVID-19 - Information and Resources

East Texas Food Bank Food Program

Virtual Food Drive with East Texas Food Bank

Covid-19 update March 19, 2020

Good Afternoon New Life Family, I am coming to you today with the latest news regarding our Schedule here at the Church

As of this morning Our General Bishop and State Overseer of the Church of God strongly urged all of its Churches not to gather together for services for the next two weeks
Then this Afternoon Governor Abbott signed an Executive Order banning any gatherings of 10 or more people and that includes all Churches.

So after meeting with Pastor and Ms. CJ we will not be holding our regular services here at the Church until further notice. That does not mean we will stop Church! We plan to live-stream a Service on Sunday Mornings at 10:30 and on Wednesday Nights at 7. We plan to stay in communication with you all daily through Social Media, E-Mails and Text

You can also contact us for Prayer or a need anytime here at the Church at 903-871-8700 We want to stay in contact with you as much as possible and would ask that you keep in touch with your friends and family here at the Church also. The Church Office will remain open at this time, Mon-Thur. 9-5
This is such an unusual time we all are facing and we do ask that you Please consider going to our web-site and using the secure give app for Your Giving! We do appreciate your faithfulness and support during this time!

We know God is right here with us. He promised never to leave us or Forsake us! So We will stand together during this storm and not give up or give in! God Bless you and We Love You all.

Pastor & Sis. Bond along with the entire New Life Staff

Covid-19 Update, 3-17-2020

In an effort to keep everyone informed about our Church Schedule regarding the COVID-19 Virus, Pastor Bond along with the Staff met today and made the decision that we will Cancel our Wednesday night Meal and Classes this week on 3-18-2020. This includes all Adult, Youth and Children Ministries.

On Sunday 3-22 we will have a 10:30 am Service Only! There will be No Children, Youth or Adult classes at 9am.

We are making every effort to keep everyone safe and keep our facility clean and sanitized for your safety. We assure you that we will keep you informed on a regular basis of any adjustments or changes to our service schedules via Face Book, E-mail, Text or Calls.

Please continue to Pray for our Nation and its Leaders, pray for our Pastor's and the Staff as we make unprecedented decisions. We know this is an uncertain time for all, but we also know our God is completely in control, He never changes.

Never hesitate to Call the Church Office at 903-871-8700 if you need anything or just need to talk. God bless and have a great week, and we hope to see you Sunday at 10:30am

Pastor Bruce Beam
March 16, 2020

Greetings New Life Family,
We are reaching out to you today to update you on our position of the COVID-19 Virus. We are continuing to trust God to keep and to protect all of our Church Family, as well as, your family and friends. We are choosing to live by faith and not fear, to pray and not panic and to know according to the Word of God "...No weapon formed against you, including this one, shall prosper..."!
Pastor Bond and the Staff will continue to monitor the situation, as well as, review all reports from our Government and State Officials to help us make informed decisions. When meeting together, we will continue to take the precautions needed for everyone to be in a safe environment. We ask that you continue to set aside time daily to pray and seek God for a quick ending to this situation.
Please watch for further communications via e-mail and social media with updates and any changes that may occur. Church Family let us stand together and trust the Lord and know that He is in control of our Church, our Families, our City, our Communities, as well as, our Nation. You may call the Church anytime at 903-871-8700 if you have questions or concerns.
We love and pray for each of you and thank you for your faithfulness and support during this time. Have a blessed week and we hope to see you soon!